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Create beautiful themes for Power BI

What's the best way to create color schemes/themes for your Next Power BI report? Let's see that today!

Credits - I learned this trick from Jarrett Moore from Enterprise DNA, he is a visualization expert, do check out his profile! Thanks Jarrett!

When you open Power BI you get the default theme, and based on your preferences the color scheme/theme may or may not be the required on.

Initial Color Scheme looks something like this:

But if you are trying to create a report that looks visualy appealing you may or may not want to use it.

So how can we quickly create a JSON file that we can then upload into Power BI? Let's find out.

First you need a set of colors, that you want to use, if you do not have pre-defined colors then you can use any online image to color palette generator. I like the Adobe one.

The image I am going to use is one of my favorites, primarily because it is of our Hon'ble Former President of India, Doctor APJ Abdul Kalam and secondly because of the quote and the color contrast.

Now take your favourite picture and upload it on

After uploading the picture take a note of the Hex Codes at the bottom and copy them all somewhere, I generally use Notes.

You can play with the controlers that are availabe on the image on Adobe website and can choose between different colors and can also pick a contrast from the pane on the left hand side.

Now copy all those Hex codes onto clipboard ( CTRL + C ) and go to and paste the codes in the Input Box as shown in the below image.

After pasting the code, click on ADD to generate the colors:

Once done, at the bottom of the page click the Download Button

Give your theme a name and then click Download.

Now go back to Power BI > View Tab > Browse for more themes and import the theme that you have downloaded.

Once imported close the dialog box.

And now you can see beautiful colors appearing in your Power BI file! :)

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