• Antriksh Sharma

Create Calculated Table in Power BI with Tabular Editor

Out of the box TE doesn't allows you to create Calculated Table in Power BI, but if you want you can easily do that.

To be able to create a calculated table, just open a Power BI file and connect Tabular editor to the PBI file.

Make sure to keep a backup of the PBIX file before you play with TE.

In Tabular Editor 3 go to Tools > Preferences > Features > Check allow unsopported modelling operations

In Tabular Editor 2 go to Files > Preferences > Features > Check Allow Unsupported Power BI features

To create a calculated table just right click on the Table and choose Calculated Table.

After you click Calculated Table or press ALT + 6 it will open a new window where you can write the DAX code for the calculated table.

Change the name of the column and press CTRL + S to save the model. TE will give a warning just press OK.

Now go back to Power BI and press Refresh Now option.

Voila, the calculated table is available in Power BI.

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