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Create Lollipop chart in Tableau

I am always amazed by the capabilities of Tableau to create visuals that are difficult to create in different tools such as Power BI.

In this blog lets see how to create a Lollipop chart in Tableau with just few clicks and drag and drops.

The dataset that I am using is known as Superstore, it is quiet famous in Tableau community, it contains some sales data of a Global Superstore.

To begin with bring the Sales field into the Rows area

Then create a new hierarchy using Category, Sub-Category and Product Name

Next bring this categories hierarchy into the Columns shelf

Now duplicate the Sales measure, by bringing it once again in the Rows field, this will create a partition in the visual

Next Select SUM(Sales)(2) and change the design to Circle and give it a different color.

After that right click on the second Sales field and select Dual Axis.

Now depending on the version, the bar chart will also have changed to Circle, just change that back to Bars by selecting the SUM(Sales) field.

Now just click on the Y axis towards the right and select synchronize axis and then uncheck Show Header option.

Now reduce the size of the Bars based on your personal preference.

Now all the needs to be done is to give the bars some colors, I used grey fill with a black border.

Next to remove the Grid lines follow the steps show in the below image:

Now its time to play with the chart by expanding the Category in the columns shelf.

And just like that the lollipop chart is ready! Enjoy!

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