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How to Load Data From Power BI into SQL Server?

Whenever I work with LinkedIn data challenges a very common task for me is to load data into SQL Server as modifying the data in SQL is much better than modifying it in Power Query for performance, ease of use and other reasons.

In this blog let's see how you can load data from Power BI to SQL Server without havinga any knowledge of SSIS, one thing to remember here is we are not writing back to the same data source from where we are importing. This is the path that we are following:

Text/Excel file > Power BI > Database and not Database A > Power BI > Database A

With that being cleared let's see the quickest/easiest way (IMO) to load data from Power BI into a database such as SQL Server.

First you need to load some data into Power BI and then open your database management software and create a database.

At the moment there are no tables in this database:

Now you need to launch DAX Studio and make sure it is connected to the PBI file.

In DAX Studio go to Advanced tab and select Export Data option.

After that select SQL Tables

Now fill the Server name and the Database name that you have just created in SQL Server or any other database.

If you want to make any modification then you can use the Edit Connection String option as well.

Now click on Next and then select the tables that you want to export to the database and click on Export.

Now DAX Studio will start exporting the contents of the tables one by one and just wait for a few minutes or seconds depending on the size of the tables.

After the process is complete, just click on close and go back to your database and you can execute any query against the tables that you have imported.

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