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Power BI: Visualizing Filter context

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

If there is one thing every DAX developer has ever dreamt about is to be able to view the filter context inside Power BI to debug DAX code and understand all the filters that are currently active outside of the measure being evaluated

As of now there is no tool to do that but luckily there is a small hack that you can use to get info about all of the filters in one single place.

To begin you first need to:

Connect to DAX Studio right click on any table in metadata pane and Select Define Filter Dump Measure (All Table):

Copy the code generated by DAX Studio and return to Power BI

Create a measure and paste the code removing the DEFINE and MEASURE statement

Create a blank page in Power BI and change the Page Information Name and Page Size Type to Tooltip and add a card visual and insert your measure in the card visual.

Go to your report and select the visual on which you want to see the filter context, and enable tooltip

Only thing left now is to hover over the report and experience the magic 🙂

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